UV Printing

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UV Printing consists of using UV (Ultra Violet) light to 'cure' or dry specially formulated inks. As ink is dried instantly after printing it enables printing at a much higher quality than previously was possible due to ink droplets not being able to spread

We are able to print with incredibly fine detail at very high resolutions using Mimaki's state of the art, cutting edge printing technology. The combination of this superb technology and our expertise enable us to enhance images to achieve a greater vibrancy in colour, UV cured inks also greatly increase the resistance to fading and are more weather resistant.

UV Printing

UV Printing

Mimaki's printers enable us to print directly onto a wide variety of surfaces such as Metals, Acrylic, Glass, Wood to name just a few. With additional options for printing with white ink you can rest assured that your images will be bright, vibrant and eye catching.

Multiple Mimaki UV printers ensure that capacity will not be a issue

With multiple Mimaki UV printers we can ensure that capacity will not be a issue, we have the ability to print thousands of products per day. From a range of products which includes over 150 plus phone case models, leather tablet cases, acrylic blocks, wall prints, coffee tables; you can see the range is extensive enough to be able to offer your customers what they need.

We have trained our teams to ensure they recognize that attention to detail is paramount when printing with such sophisticated equipment, therefore you can rest easy that your customers and their orders are in safe hands.